What we do


So what is it that we do?

Every year, the Rotaract Club of Port Elizabeth, assisted by Rotary, organises and hosts the Uncle Jumboai??i??s Christmas Party. This serves as our biggest fundraiser of the year, and all proceeds from the show go to our charity work and projects throughout the year. The highlight of the Uncle Jumboai??i??s Christmas Party is Charity Night, when we invite all the orphanages in Port Elizabeth to come and watch the show. We then treat them to supper and a Christmas gift, as well as balloons and face painting, ensuring a fun and memorable evening. Seeing the happiness that such a small act of kindness can bring really puts things into perspective.

Throughout the year, we make use of the proceeds from the Uncle Jumboai??i??s Christmas party to fund various projects, such as purchasing stationery for underprivileged schools, or refurbishing CANSA accommodation facilities for Cancer patients who cannot afford accommodation. We also donate our time in terms of volunteering, and can often be found at Animal Shelters, Fundraisers and the like. We enjoy spending time and helping out at the AAA Baby Haven, as well as collecting necessities for the Home for Battered Women. We strive to assist any charity organisation that needs our help.

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